I needed to drop the last 10 pounds but hate, HATE gyms. So I got a hold of Chris Tina Bruce..OMG, This girl is awesome. She has only been training me a couple weeks and I have already lost major pounds and can feel the difference!! She has picked apart my eating habits and found several things wrong that I was doing and with just a few subtle changes, I am reaching my goal. Not only is she super cool and personal able but she is built like a brick house. She definitely leads by example!!
Jess Colyer

Chris Tina Bruce is a great trainer. In the 3 months I have trained with her the results are so good, that it keeps me motivated for more. She is very positive and has a good sense of humor. I highly recommend Chris Tina Bruce as a trainer.
Tony Weeks

Found out about Chris Tina Bruce from a friend and a month later my partner and I went down to San Diego from LA to train with Chris Tina Bruce for two sessions over weekend. We had two great training sessions and a nutrition plan to boot. We had so much fun and we are incorporating Chris's plan into our lives. We highly recommend her program!
Michaela and Carmel

I visited San Diego and spent a week with Chris Tina Bruce. She taught me more about fitness and nutrition in a few hours than I had learned in years. She gave me confidence and taught me that you can exercise anywhere and at any time. Chris Tina Bruce showed me that goals that you had abandoned as impossible can be reached with dedication, perseverance and you can have fun doing so. My only regret is that Chris Tina Bruce is on the West Coast. :(

Chris Tina is honest, dependable, and wants the best for her clients. I give her my highest rating!
Kevin Atto
I've been going to Chris' Boot Camp for about 2 months. I'll be honest, I HATE working out but I needed to do something. I have noticed my clothes fitting nicer, no more muffin top! I won't lie, the workouts are tough but you do see results. Chris Tina Bruce is an excellent trainer and she is very informative. I'm excited to see where Chris will take me!
Elizabeth Mars

Working with Chris Tina Bruce is truly a wonderful, rewarding experience. The workouts are by no means easy, but the hard work always feels positive and productive. Chris Tina Bruce is sensitive to my individual needs... even in the group settings. In addition to getting a serious workout every morning, I enjoy Chris' company as well as the entire environment that she creates. She is positive and empowered and encourages me to be the same.
Aaron Mars

Chris Tina, what can I say??? I just finished my first week and I can already see a great deal of difference, I couldn't run around the block on Monday, but come Thursday, I did it twice!!!! If what you want is motivation and encouragement along the way, then Chris Tina is exactly what you need. Thanks for making me feel so CONFIDENT!!!
Theresa Kimzey

I was thrown, unaware, into my first fun camp session. I had no idea what I was in for. Chris Tina Bruce greeted me with a smile and a hug. That, was the easy part. :). The next morning, my core was feeling the results. Two weeks later I'm seeing results. The people in the class quickly became caring friends and Chris quickly became family. Each session is a mixture of laughter, broadening self limits and gaining body understanding. At 6'6", many exercises are a challenge with little results. Chris Tina Bruce shows us exercises with big results and little challenge. I actually look forward to each session. Thanks Chris!
Jeffrey Wilson

I am working out and doing things that I never thought that I could, I feel great and just at week 9 I have lost 25lb. I'm getting compliments and I feel great and now my body craves a good workout. She helps with nutrition and I found a new friend as well! Love you Chris Tina Bruce!
Darnell Williams

Chris Tina Bruce is an amazing trainer/nutritionist and a whole as an individual, coming out and still healing from two car accidents last year he has pushed me to my ability to be physically and emotionally able to continue working out and be active everyday and gave me the confidence to do it! Chris Tina Bruce is very positive, fun and sense of humor. As a trainer, you can also find a good friend in Chris. Love you Chris!

I started with Hillcrest Fitness, working with Chris Tina a few weeks ago. In that span I have already seen great improvements. My body is firmer and stronger and I can't wait to see where I will be in a few months. Chris Tina is friendly and she understands the normal trials and tribulations of weekend with Friends and the beer nights out. She has made it easy to have fitness in my life and I can't wait to see improvements to come!
Billy Canu