Chris Tina Bruce 2017
Chris Tina Bruce 2016

I’ve always been fascinated with the amazing figures of Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, Kim Kardashian, and my idol Bimbo Goddess Courtney Taylor. I am finally at a place in my life where I can fulfill my desire to fully transform into the Ultimate Blonde Bimbo. I never imaged I could evolve into a real life bimbo although things started to changed for me when I stopped saying “I wish” and started saying “I can” following my third breast (1050 cc) implants in 2013. Before this point my transformation had been a slow incremental process (see below) beginning in 2009.

Fitness & Diet

My journey began in 2009 as I focused on tightening my fitness routine and diet to focus on slimming down my waist and upper body. At the same time I began increasing lifting exercises to increase my hips and butt. These changes helped me drop 50 lbs and lose 3 inches around my waist at the same time increasing my hips & butt by 2 inches. At this point surgeries will be required to complete my Bimbofication.

Breast Implants

My journey began in 2009 with my first breast implants (400 cc) along with a minor rhinoplasty. Reflecting back I wish I had request a slimmer and more pointed nose. I plan to have this adjustment on my surgery list. As with every true bimbo my first breast implants were not enough and by 2012 I had my second breast implants (700 cc) followed by my third (1050 cc) in 2013. I want to go larger although my current 1050 cc are silicone and I am not sure I can obtain or be able to insert 1500 cc in silicon.

Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal has been the most expensive and time consuming procedure to date. It took three years and thousand of dollars to remove all my hair on my entire body.


Now I am at a place in my life where I can relocate, travel, and do whatever is necessary to fulfill my transform into a Blonde Bimbo Bombshell. To help fund these procedures I am developing a OnlyFans, SextPanther, & GoFundMe profile to do whatever it takes for my transformation. I welcome any guidance in my development through surgeries, procedures, etc.

Procedures Needed
Future Chris Tina Bruce
  • Lip lift: $4,000
  • Lip implant: $3,000
  • Blepharoplasty: $4,000
  • Cheek implants: $6,000
  • Rhinoplasty: $9,000
  • Breast implants: $15,000
  • BBL: $15,000
  • Hip & Butt implants: $20,000
Future Chris Tina Bruce
  • Lip filler: $500 per month
  • Botox & filler: $2,000 per quarter
  • Lash extensions: $200 per month
  • Permanent makeup eye brows $800
  • Permanent makeup eye liner
  • Permanent makeup lips